we are ze french govörnment and we come to le rape your mothér

hello this is ze french german jew baltazhar speaking hello people. i iz a nazi, i worked in ze concentraishun campz back in le 1938 and i raped a lot of swedish le chicks. zey where mostly 14 year olds le virgins and they had le makeup like le cat in le face. i zink zey where called le fjortisar unt i was wery curious of these catwomen with le minimal clothing.

When i started my le investigaishuns of le catwomen of le schzweden i encountéred some difficultiés. le sczwedish catwomen would not let me le penetrate zeir vaginos. i wanted them to surrendér zeir vaginos to le me but zey would not do zis so i forced them with le stick. now i have to go becouse le police are le chasing me, and zeir is many catwomen to penetrate! I sent le picture of me so you can le masturbate LE AUFWIEDERSEHEN!



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